The Thrill Goes Back to Middle School


Yes, this is an actual photo of my Middle School class. Can you find me? Hint: I’m in the front row…

This week, the thrill staff has been feeling super nostalgic about everyone’s favorite stage of education. That’s right, we’re throwing back to that brace faced, acne filled, hormone ridden period of life we all recall fondly, Middle School.

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Middle School Fiction: A Kenyon Story

Please tell me I wasn't the only one. (via my middle school journal)

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one. (via my middle school journal)

You’ve heard of our feature on elementary school journals, where we dive into the past lives of Kenyon students and humiliate them for all the internet to see. But what of the storytellers? You know, the kids who got picked last for dodgeball because their daydreams got in the way of their reflexes; the kids who filled the margins of their copy of Because of Winn Dixie with huge, winding fantasy novels about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter; the kids who swore they’d be famous authors by age 20, college notwithstanding.

Well, today we’ve chosen to celebrate the young writers among us. We’ve unearthed a few selections from Kenyon students’ middle school portfolios and are publishing them for all the world to see. Buckle up, ’cause things might get weird.

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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: Drinking Milk for Breakfast

We were all hot shit in middle school.

We were all hot shit back in the day.

In middle school, I was the kid who never grew out of her anime phase. I was painfully into thick books, fast food, drama club and “Life is Good” t-shirts, which would have made me a social pariah if it weren’t for my insistence upon being ostentatiously “different.” I attracted attention, for better or worse.  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Theme Parties Kenyon Should Have

cat in banana costume eating banana

Cats like theme parties too. (via repocomedy)

Now that it’s October and we’ve sampled what Kenyon has to offer in the way of theme parties… we thought we’d make a few suggestions. Here’s a few ideas for keeping the Hill at its spiciest:

 1. Middle School Dance Party. Locate your awkwardness because Middle School is back!! Show us how to put the pop back in pop music with your booty–bumpin’ grooves or just hide in the bathroom! Either way, at this party, a slow dance is required every hour, on the hour…just make sure you lovebirds keep it neat from 3 feet. Continue reading