10 o’clock list: Uncomfortable Changes

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Ah, the new school year and the joys it brings: new friends, new hall, new ridiculously nice NCAs, new stress, new complaints about AVI—you name it! Unfortunately, some of us are stuck in the past and will resist change with our heels in the mud and our heads in the sand (shout out to all y’all who still have the 2003 Motorola RAZR or a shitty scratched up phone because those smartphone things are too damn confusing). Without further ado, here are several drastic, shocking, modern and radical-ish changes made for the 2012-2013 school year:

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MiddleGround Replacement to Shift Focus from Food to Coffee

Mark and Dave Forman, the owners of Wiggin Street Coffee. (Courtesy of Dave Forman)

Earlier today, we brought you the news that MiddleGround Cafe, with its hummus plates and generous late hours, will be shutting down to be replaced by Wiggin Street Coffee. This new establishment will focus more on coffee and serve a much more limited menu than its predecessor, according to Dave Forman, who owns the business along with his father, Mark.

“You either need to be focused on coffee or you need to be focused on food,” he said.

Instead of serving the hot breakfast that was a MiddleGround Sunday staple, Wiggin Street Coffee will feature a menu of bagels and pastries. They will also serve a selection of sandwiches. The food menu at the River Road Coffee House in Granville, Ohio which is owned by the Formans, offers such items as stuffed croissants and tuna salad sandwiches.

Though the menu will shrink, Joel and Margaret Gunderson (who we’ve reached out to), who own MiddleGround and the Village Inn, will be reopening the VI for lunch and offer both an eat-in and a take-out menu, according to Forman. MiddleGround’s closing message indicated that many popular MiddleGround items will make an appearance at the VI.

Wiggin Street Coffee will offer coffee from the Formans’ other business, One Line Coffee, which focuses on sourcing sustainable and ethical beans from small farms. Just a few weeks ago, Dave Forman was in El Salvador, meeting with one of his new suppliers. He said that this rigorous vetting process allows One Line to make sure they are buying from farms that use sustainable practices and follow ethical wage policies.

“The idea is to give a lot more credit to the people who are growing our coffee than to us,” he said.

Below the jump: how the deal came to fruition and will Wiggin Street Coffee serve milkshakes?

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