10 o’clock list: Peirce Features That Would Be Unthinkable To Have Today

Goodbye, tower of ice cream in kiddie pool

Peirce looks a little different this semester– it’s like Peircegiving every day! To take precaution against the coronavirus, the dining hall has had to switch from letting students dish out their own food to packaging it up into nice little boxes and sending us on our way. And who could blame them? We were gross! And to prove it, here are some things we used to do in Peirce that would be unimaginable to do now.

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Do It Tonight: Midnight Breakfast

Finals week in a nutshell.

Midnight Breakfast: the only cure for finals week. 

Let me paint you a picture.

The time? 9:47 pm, the Sunday before finals. The place? That dark, oppressive little cubicle in the corner of third floor Olin. You’ve had a long day and you have an even longer week ahead of you. You can feel your hunger starting to flare up (you ate dinner at 5:30 today so you could keep working uninterrupted through the evening, it was a good idea at the time). The difficult truth is that you’re getting peckish again and you can’t afford another trip to the market for snacks because you have to save your last dollars for those loads of laundry before moving out. The solution? Midnight breakfast.

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