Local Elections

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If you are registered to vote here in Knox County, be sure to read up on all the local elections before casting your vote tomorrow. If you missed the Collegian last week, here is the link to a bio of most of the local candidates. To vote in Gambier go to the Community Center at 115 Meadow Lane and don’t forget to bring a copy of your utility bill (sent out by the Accounting Office via e-mail last week) as proof of residency!

The Monday Catchup

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Good morning! Here’s what you missed over this Halloweekend:

The lead story: Thirteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, One World Trade Center is opening today. The first of a new World Trade Center Complex in Lower Manhattan, the building is already 60% leased, with the publisher Conde Nast moving into five floors today.

Coming up after the jump: American Psycho in Hong Kong, Virgin Galactic crash, ISIS, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and more…

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The Spring Break is Almost Here Drinking Game

(via collection.mam.org)

(via collection.mam.org)

Only a few precious days remain before spring break. And usually, we write a post about how you should hide your alcohol from your CA. But this year, since this past month’s been so tough and you only have two midterms and an essay due this week, we thought you should treat yourself a little and drink all of the alcohol you have in your dorm. I know, this is a hard task, but we made up some rules to help you achieve your dreams!*

  • Grab a to-go cup from Peirce. Fill it half with coffee, half with that bottle of Bailey’s your mom got you for Christmas. Every time your 8:10 Econ Professor is overly enthused, take a sip. Continue reading

Sunday Feelings Check

Fun-day, not Sunday!

It’s Sunday. That means you have T-minus not-enough-hours until midterms–AND–tomorrow’s Monday. Oh foo-ey. The powers of the world are seeking my destruction. In an attempt to prolong our own procrastination, we decided to spot-check the emotional health of the rest of the campus–and by spot-check, we mean we accosted students at random in Olin. How are you feeling today? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

Alarmed desk attendant is feeling “alright.” We feel that.

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Uphill/Downhill: Reading Daze and the Devil

It’s time for another Uphill/Downhill! Arguably though, this could have been done yesterday, halfway though our work week.

Uphill: Reading Days — That special time when we can let our hair down from the first few weeks of classes. Finally we have settled in and the real work is beginning, so I guess that makes it ok to take a little break. Not sure that they even call it “Reading Days” anymore. I think more people are just referring to it as October Break or Reading Daze.  I can’t wait to try a new beer from the market and maybe get a little pleasure reading done. I hope you will all follow my lead.

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