If Winter Olympic Sports were Kenyon Students


Snowboarding enters Pierce, walking on the seal like they always do. The just came out of their 9:40 class where they made wildly outrageous comments, using the right words but always producing an incoherent conclusion. Snowboarding is the type of kid that doesn’t use shower shoes but does own a blow dryer. They’ve been known to fuck up royally, time and time again, but their friends forgive them and like to tell the story of that one time, freshman year, when Snowboarding did an air-to-fakie-mclovin-ollie-nickolas-cage-switch-flip-shaun-white-bring-back-your-long-hair-1080 out of the bullseye window.

Snowboarding settles down on old side with a Peirce Cup full of whole milk.

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Peirce Date: An Excellent Break From Latin Homework


For those who do not know about Peirce Dates, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know! 

It was a brisk Tuesday evening, and the stars were aligning for love. She forgot about the date. He was late to the date. She ate an orange, and he ate a bowl of cocoa puffs. It was 7:13 pm, and love was in the air.
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10 o’clock list: 5 Things on Campus That Don’t Work


There’s no use crying over this. (image via shorelinecrossfit.com)

You may have heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Yet, a few things on campus seem to adhere to the phrase, “If it’s broke, might as well leave it broken”. While this next list of things may work some day, we have learned to keep expectations low, because they never seem to be functioning: Continue reading