Irrational Kenyon Phobias

OH DEAR LORD WHY via Wikimedia commons

(via Wikimedia commons)

Kenyon is a fantastic place, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that it messes with our heads every once in a while. Here are some common phobias experienced by Kenyon students, and why those fears are irrational.

Gatapsygeiophobia – The fear of opening the mini-fridge in your dorm room to find it swarming with live feral cats. This is, of course, irrational, as cats do not have opposable thumbs; even BamBam’s polydactyl  paws cannot grip the handle to your refrigerator. Also, mini-fridges are just that: mini. The likelihood that more than two cats could fit in a mini-fridge at one time is close to nil.

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