How to Spot a Trustee

Barry F. Schwartz ’70, chair of the Board of Trustees

It’s that time of year again; the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting colder, and the number of luxury cars on campus has tripled. Yup, it’s that magical time of year known as the Fall Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Back on campus to plan the future of the college and to generally celebrate their success and self-congratulate each other, the trustees will be around. Now, you might be wondering, how does one spot a trustees? What do they look like? Where they stay? Never fear, The Thrill has got you covered on what to look for. Continue reading

Kenyon Presidents Promise Your Liberal Arts Education Still Matters

Just think: this could be you

Just think: this could be you

We’ve all been there: jarred awake from a nightmare in which we’re told our Kenyon degree just won’t cut it in this competitive job market.

Fear not, Lords and Ladies. Kenyon Presidents of past and present are coming out of the woodwork and onto the Internet to let you know just how valuable your liberal arts degree really is.

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How to be a Person: Financial Edition–Investing


Who doesn’t like this?

Okay Kenyon, so I trust you’ve all gone out and followed my advice  from last week (if you haven’t that’s okay too, our government officials are good role models). This week your financial advisor is back with tips on how to make your money work for you (again if you do not wish to save or make more money, follow this link). Continue reading

The Monday Catchup

These people are not going to visit the Statue of Liberty.

These people are not going to visit the Statue of Liberty. Thanks, Obama.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: As you all know, the government is still shutdown. This conflict stems from the Republican-controlled House’s inability to pass a “clean” continuing resolution. A continuing resolution, or CR, is like a budget for when Congress can’t pass a budget (it hasn’t in three years because our legislature is controlled by opposing parties and it takes 60 votes for the Senate to pass a budget without House consent).

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Major Reminder: Student Organization Budgets are Due Tomorrow

(Wikimedia Commons)

There you are, just back from Thanksgiving Break, thinking that all you have to do is write 50 pages, study for four exams and take one last pass at that hottie on the Old Kenyon dance floor. Well, you could not have been more wrong!

If you have any intention of spending the College’s money in the next three months on behalf of a student organization (or yourself — EMBEZZLEMENT CLUB FTW), you’re required to get your OrgSync on and submit a budget to the BFC (Bunch of Fun Capitalists) by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow.