Morning Weather Check: Rainy Day Games

Good morning and happy first full week of class! Today will be yet another cloudy, humid day. It may even rain, which is a bummer. But! There is an iPhone app called “Hatchi” that will save your muggy Monday from total gloom. Hatchi is a Tamagotchi for your phone, a.k.a. mobile ’90s pixelated bliss. It costs $1 and will entertain you, or at least elicit nostalgia from you, for hours. Hatchi game play activities include: naming your pet, feeding your pet, playing games with your pet and accidentally killing your pet.

Anyway, hopefully that Monday seminar you decided to take last minute breezes by this evening.

Morning Weather Check: First Day of Class

Hello Kenyon Kampers, it is going to be warm and sunny for our first day of class. Though Kamp is technically coming to an end, you can still milk that late August sun for all it’s worth!  I predict the continuation of Karefree activites through at least Reading Days. Let’s hope for a nice Indian summer.

As a special first day of class present, here is a helpful modified song lyric that you can use during introductory meetings with either professors or first-year students:

Hey, I just met you

And you are crazy

See you all on Ransom lawn!