Nothing Gold Can Stay, Even If It’s Cooked in Front of You


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So it’s been what? Three weeks since the new Habachi restaurant in Mount Vernon opened? According to this article from Mount Vernon News  the restaurant was shut down temporarily due to “uncorrected critical  health violations.” The worst part is that this article is four days old and we’ve alll only collectively just realized they’re failing health examinations. Maybe the Kenyon Crud was just bad fish all along…

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Checking Out the Checkout Boy: A Visit to My Alternate Life



I had returned. My third Kroger run of freshman year. Cinnamon walls greeted me with a nod, the quasi Starbucks waved hello, and the terra-cotta tile beneath my feet stuck to the soles of my shoes like quick kisses. I needed honey crisp apples and nothing else. In the produce section, I reaped my harvest, bathed in fluorescent light. With my three apples secured inside of a sheer plastic bag, I walked to the front of the store, and fate led me to checkout aisle 5. His name tag read “Alex.” A boy my own age, he stood at the far end of the grocery conveyor belt, tucked behind the cash register he’d spent the summer learning to master. “Hello, how are you doing today,” he asked as his fingers danced across the register keys, and my breath ebbed. In his “Hello” an alternate life flashed before my eyes. In Alex, I saw my youth in Mount Vernon.

In this life, Alex and I had met in Pre-calc. I liked his freckles and that his gages were only big enough to slide a pencil through. He noticed me because I always spoke up in class, a master of Sine and Cosine. One day, he approached me in the hallway, a quiet confidence about him. Unconventional as it may have been, Alex asked me if I wanted to see Nerve with him at the Premiere Theater on Friday. “I’d like that,” I answered, tucking a green strip of hair behind my ear, “Dave Franco is such a good actor.”

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Freshman 15: Places You Should Know (in Mount Vernon)

The Knox County Courthouse – not included in our list because we surely do hope you never have to go to this building (via

Welcome to Kenyon, First Years! Pretty soon you will be pulling into Gambier and ready to start the school year – but before you dive right into life as a Kenyon student, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses in Mount Vernon (our much larger neighbor to the West) that we think you should become familiar with. Check out the list after the break!

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Kenyon From the Air

This weekend, alumni Brendan Keefe ’90 took to the skies of Gambier and Mount Vernon with an RC helicopter. He was kind enough to share the following videos with The Thrill. The results are breathtaking.

Set to the Chamber Singers singing “Kokosing Farewell,” this shot of South Campus goes from the church bells to Bushnell and everywhere in between. Sort of makes you remember why you stopped and held your breath the first time you set foot on campus.

Check out some more videos after the break!

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Construction Begins on Mount Vernon’s new Panera Bread

The new Panera will be located near Walmart. Photo via Mount Vernon News.

The new Panera will be located near Walmart. Photo via Mount Vernon News.

The week before finals is a dark time for us all, but fear not, there is light (and delicious sandwiches) at the end of the tunnel. The Mount Vernon News noted on their Facebook page today that construction has begun on the Panera Mount Vernon has been courting for a while. The News says you’ll be able to get your soup fix as early as this spring. What other restaurants/stores would you like to see come to our area?

Places to Go in Mount Vernon: Reading Days Edition


As we all know, today is the start of the glorious and much anticipated reading days. The leaves are changing, the weather is crisp, and you don’t have to leave your bed for the next four days. There is nothing more promising than this four day weekend. If you do decide to leave your bed and explore, you don’t have to go far. Mount Vernon, Ohio, our little hamlet of a city is waiting for you. Don’t be so quick to dismiss its charms. There is more to Mount Vernon than what first meets the eye.

  1. Farley and Moore: A dazzling antique store right on Main Street. Do you like collectible Elvis plates? They have them! Are you more partial to vintage picture frames and old school tables? You’re in luck. I personally love this little three story haven for its abundance of old postcards, occasional velvet 70s dress, and the reasonable prices. If you still haven’t gotten around to furnishing your apartment, this should be your first reading days stop. Continue reading