Thrill Movie Reviews: Involvement Fair Videos

With this slightly unconventional start to the school year, organizations on campus have had to adapt in order to recruit new members. Postponed are the days of the in-person activities fair, which means clubs have had to make the best of our largely-virtual Kenyon experience by making informational videos about themselves. I commend this effort, and decided to make the best of the situation myself by reviewing a few as if they were movies and the satire blog I write for were Letterboxd for a moment.

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NPR Reviews “Liberal Arts”

Image via IFC Films

Mark Jenkins, a movie reviewer for the media outlet targeted at homosexuals who appreciate vintage shaving brushes (NPR)reviewed the dull, saccharine movie targeted at Kenyon students who appreciate writing poetry under the Upside Down Tree (Liberal Arts). He thinks the film is extremely mediocre and self-indulgent.


“If Jesse and Zibby’s conversations are mildly painful, they’re a delight compared to their correspondence.”

“Most of the time, though, Radnor seems pretty impressed with the version of himself he’s playing.”

Interestingly, Jenkins also refers twice to the movie actually taking place at Kenyon, even though it technically isn’t set at any specific institution. Read the rest of the review here.

Exclusive Review of “Liberal Arts”

Steve and Melody Philpot outside of the Egyptian Theater in Ogden, Utah for a showing of Josh Radnor's film Liberal Arts.

Who is this lovely couple, you ask?  They are none other than Melody and Steve Philpot, parents of Cris Philpot ’12.  Wouldn’t ya know it, they live in Ogden, Utah, which happens to be one of the homes of the famous Sundance Film Festival.  Even better, they were kind enough to write us a review of Kenyon alum Josh Radnor’s new film Liberal Arts. Read their take on the film after the jump.

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Movie Review: Ides of March

Over Family Weekend, my parents and I went to the movie theater in Mount Vernon to see George Clooney and Ryan Gosling star in The Ides of March. Before we went into the theater, my mom asked if it was a modern adaptation of Julius Caesar. A pertinent question — but no, it is not. It’s adapted from Beau Willimon’s 2008 play Farragut North, loosely based on Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign. The set design and some other details, however, make it look like the 2008 Obama campaign.

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