Quiz: Which March Sister Are You Based on Your Kenyon Habits

It happened. You saw Little Women and returned to campus feeling reborn. It’s as if the spirit of Greta Gerwig herself paid a visit to your house in suburban Connecticut and directed you to come of age like a late-19th century woman. But which March sister are you most like, you may be wondering? Thanks to The Thrill, your question will be answered. Take this quiz to find out which little woman you would be based on your lifestyle choices in 2020s Gambier Ohio.

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Ideas I Gave My Roommate for Her Stop-Motion Animation Projects


Spoiler Alert: She didn’t take any of them! Not out of lack of love or trust, but just because they fell short of her vision, artistically speaking. Stop-motion animation is, perhaps, one of the most difficult artistic crafts in the movie and art-making game, which is why I am so utterly impressed that some of my fellow compatriots are making fantastic feature short films from what we know as the cradle of civilization, Gambier, OH. How these studio art kids find artistic (divine?) inspiration in this tiny town is frankly beyond me. So of course, I gotta take some type of crack at it! God, this might be for a pretty niche audience but I think it’s working. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Worst Movies Ever Watched for Class

In high school, watching a movie in class was cause for celebration. No lecture! No math worksheet! Dim lighting! In college, watching a movie in class is cause for extreme trepidation.  Yes, in-class movies usually still mean no lectures and worksheets and yes, professors do have to dim the lights, but now you never know what kind of weirdo film they’re going to hit you with. Subtitles are only appropriate for the 18-and-older set, I guess. Anyway, I surveyed a group of anonymous seniors to see what movies they named as they worst they had ever seen in class.

  1. Black Robe– “It was confusing. I just remember a blur of Native Americans canoeing, priests, interracial sex, and violence. I think people get murdered and tortured by the Iroquois. I watched it in Will Scott’s American history class, the 1492-1865 one.”  Continue reading