Do it tonight: KFM Flashlight Festival

Q — Are you into good movies and free food?

A — Of course you are, don’t be an idiot.

Stop by the Kenyon Filmmakers’ Flashlight Festival tonight at the KAC to chow down on popcorn/soda/other free snacks and watch the screening of 4 films by your fellow students. It’s as close to Cannes as you’re going to get in Gambier (that is, until Josh Radnor rides back into town to screen “Liberal Arts 2: Electric Boogaloo.”)

  • What: Kenyon Filmmakers Flashlight Festival featuring student films
  • Where: The KAC
  • When: Tonight from 5:30 to 7:00

Thanksgiving Movies: J. Edgar

Notwithstanding the considerable merits of talking-animal movies and teenage vampire flicks, I recently saw J. Edgar, in which Leonardo DiCaprio plays the controversial former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Knowing next to nothing about Hoover’s career at the FBI, I expected and received an outstanding performance from DiCaprio, who has intentionally and successfully avoided being typecast and has a penchant for playing complex characters (think Catch Me If You Can, Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York). The movie fuses Hoover’s personal and professional lives into one seamless narrative and jumps back and forth in time through this infamous man’s life.

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Thanksgiving Movies: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

The thing about Twilight is that you’re probably either already planning on seeing this thing, or you’ve sworn to never see it any cost. That second one is definitely a legitimate choice — I felt sort of dirty and ashamed as I paid for my ticket to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (yup, that’s the full title) on Monday night. I knew what I was getting into, and Breaking Dawn delivered exactly as much wooden acting, plotlessness, unintentional comedy and childbirth-related horror as I expected it to.

I confess, I wasn’t bored for a second. If you’re not into laughing at Robert Pattinson’s hair or Kristen Stewart’s facial expressions as they cycle through the realization that she’s trapped in a terrible movie for the fourth damn time, stay away. But if you enjoy bad movies with occasionally pretty cinematography and humorous CGI wolves with voiceovers, Breaking Dawn might prove an amusing Thanksgiving week diversion. More specifics beyond the jump.

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Thanksgiving Movies: Puss in Boots

Over the next few days, The Thrill will publish brief reviews of several movies currently in wide release, because we know that what you need the most during Thanksgiving Break is to Distract Yo’ Self from your horrible, horrible beloved families.

Yes, it’s a kids’ movie, but Puss in Boots is still a fun way to fill 90 minutes of Thanksgiving Break time (110 with the previews!). The film is a prequel spinoff to the Shrek series, featuring the most adorable (in my opinion) character from the second through fourth installments of the Shrek saga. Antonio Banderas voices Puss; the cast also includes Salma Hayek as the love interest, Kitty Softpaws, Zach Galifianakis as Puss’ frenemy Humpty Dumpty and Billy Bob Thorton & Amy Sedaris as the villains Jack & Jill.

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The Thrill’s Guide to Reading Days

Hey first years (and any other Reading-Days N00bs)! Are you staying on campus for what the administration has decided to call “October Break”?  You’re about to have the greatest four days of your college career.  Here’s our guide to how to make the most of your Reading Days.

Courtesy of Katie Rumizen '14, Reading Days on the Kokosing 2010

The Basics:
Number of students on campus: Approximately 500
Only day parties can be registered: Saturday
Days parties will happen: Every single one, maybe even Sunday
Amount of work you will get done: Less than you expect (a professor reportedly once called them “Fall Behind Days”)

So this reading days you could…

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