I Heard “Mr. Brightside” Four Times in One Night: Here’s What Happened

My name is Nathan Scott Winer and I was never meant to attend an all-campus party. I am unable to dance without feeling like a dunce (fun wordplay for you), I am always upset by sticky floors and walls (@ the AD lounge), and I don’t like most of the music played at any large gathering. That being said, any time I’ve gone out on a weekend night there has always been at least one moment of complete euphoria, just complete and utter joy. I feel like my soul is ready to leave my body to mingle with the souls of the rest of this campus whenever I hear the first few notes of what I genuinely think is one of the best songs written and released in the last several decades. I’m talking, of course, about The Killer’s seminal number one hit, “Mr. Brightside.”

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10 o’clock list: Rejected WKCO Shows

Because you’ve always wanted to hear a story about yourself on the radio. (via aestheticamagazine.com)

Yeah, I went to one WKCO meeting. They’ve got a cool vibe, but apparently my ideas were a little too avant garde. Off the wall. Whatever man, I don’t care what the kids are listening to nowadays, I’ve got a real sound, and I’m sure these show ideas will be big someday.

1. Digging Through the Glove Compartment of Your Dad’s Toyota During Your Seven-Hour Road Trip to Kenyon. Another Best of Billy Joel CD? No, no, that’s fine. This one has Just The Way You Are. No, that wasn’t our daddy-daughter dance for my bat mitzvah. Yeah, I’m sure. Hey, is that the audio tape to 1776 by David McCullough? When did you listen to it? Huh, well, we could now. No, that wouldn’t be as interesting as the soundtrack to Oklahoma again. Let’s do that.

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