Murals at Kenyon

So we all know that there’s a mural on almost every hall of Mather and McBride, but unless we live on that hall, or have good friends that live on that hall, we never actually see them.

For example, just last week I was doing my laundry in McBride and I decided to walk through first floor short side for the first time, when I saw this:


It’s a beautiful sunset mural on short side that no one ever sees because NO ONE goes to first floor short side unless they live there. But it’s a shame, because in the words of a long side resident “it makes me feel like I’m in the Lion King!” So I wondered, what other treasures our lovely residences could be hiding.

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Public Art for the NCAs

Rumor has it that the Art Organization of Kenyon is looking to desuburbanize the NCAs with some murals. While I appreciate the sentiment, the art history minor within my soul cringes at the possibility of hearts, stars and unicorns adorning the currently Stepford-esque North Campus housing.

Since AOK was interested in Social Justice, maybe look at the politically charged works of Diego Rivera.

"Liberation of the Peon," 1931.

“Liberation of the Peon,” 1931.

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