The Monday Catchup

As I sat down to write this week’s catchup, I thought to myself, “oof this is gonna be tough, nothing really happened this weekend.” But, as I really reflected, I remembered more and more of the events from the past few days, and realized how perfect it all is. I’d describe the weekend as a collage. Or maybe a tapestry of life at Kenyon. An amalgamation of social spheres— a true microcosm of Kenyon’s student culture. Not only was there original musical theater happening in an art gallery, but there was an a cappella concert both nights, some Greek life cult events, AND some sort of sporting excitement that warranted hordes of loud drunk people around Hanna Hall at 10:30 in the morning. And finally, I’ll expose myself, with as little shame as possible, and say that I attended a murder mystery party and I didn’t hate it. THIS is the Liberal Arts. At Kenyon YOU WILL, GODDAMMIT. 

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Of Mice and Cactus


Honestly I googled “mouse with cactus” and I cannot believe this exists.

Last Semester, I had the wonderful privilege of not only living on first floor Caples, but also to have an unwanted mouse as a part of my living space. There was nothing more refreshing and exciting than trying to go to sleep at midnight and hearing the tiny scratches of little disease ridden mouse feet. Also it ate my four dollar bag of unopened Milano cookies which I don’t even let my friends eat. I was very sad.

After Christmas, I thought I got away from it. There was no way this mouse had made it through the cold weather, and Caples was unheated over break. I figured it had died.

But boy was I wrong.

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