Getting Freaky, Volume VI: Halloweenie Edition


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Whether you’ve just begun your journey into freakitude or you began it long ago, The Thrill is here to help you improve your safe, consensual sexy sex times by answering your most burning questions. Have a question about x-rated materials? Send us an e-mail at with the subject line Sex Q and we’ll answer it in our next edition. Feeling embarrassed? Not to worry– we’ve set up a Gmail account to allow for anonymous questions. The username is “gettingfreakythrill” and the password is “thethrill”. Log in and shoot us an email, and your question may be featured on the blog!

A quick search for “Halloween Sex” on Google queued up a bunch of articles about how different communities across America are doing sex offender sweeps of neighborhoods before kids start going house-to-house begging for candy. Rest assured, that’s not the kind of Halloween sex we’re talking about today. In this special edition of “Getting Freaky,” we’ll be highlighting some key ways to make your spooky scary sexy times gleam and sparkle like the candle in a Jack-O-Lantern.

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