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10 O’ Clock List: Number of Times I Farted at A Cappella Rehearsal the Other Day

It’s a Sunday and I downed some whipped cream. Straight from the nozzle like an animal. Like somebody who knows exactly what sin is. This is good and clean and fun but I’m lactose-intolerant and that sweet sweet heavy cream gives me some sleepy, sloppy farts—some creepy, crappy farts. It’s like Dr. Seuss said: “You have brains in your head.

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10 o’Clock List: Bands That aren’t Coming to The Horn This Year

The Kenyon music scene has been on fire recently. With Saturday’s Jungle Pussy performance fast fading from our ringing ears, students are chomping at the bit for more shows. The Horn’s wide reaching booking abilities are impressive to say the least, so we can’t begin to guess what hot artist is stopping by campus next, but we can say with

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