New Musical: The Cup Song

I know, I know, everybody is sad about packing up and leaving for a bit of an extended break. But I would not worry so hard if I were you… Kenyon is brewing up something new for you, just as a little cherry on top of a perfect, flawless semester. A brand-new, fresh-from-the-presses musical that was written and rehearsed in complete secret to keep it as much of a giant surprise as possible. And have you heard? I’m sure you heard, right? About the cups and stuff? How could you have missed it?

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Weekend Playlist: Show Tunes for Sendoff

Show tunes may not be the logical conclusion for a Sendoff playlist, but then again, what is logical about this weekend? Beside the band. Haha, puns. But why don’t you switch things up this weekend. Rather than listening to T-Swift or Kanye or whatever it is the kids are listening to right now, why don’t you turn down to these classics from the Great White Way. Continue reading