My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story Vol. IV

My Elementary School CD Case: when my dog phase collided with my collage phase.

My Elementary School CD Case: A Dog Collage Story

When we were younger, we had hopes and fears. Our tiny hands clasped onto whatever we could gather about life, and we held on to those scraps of information like they were absolute truth. Part of me is still a little convinced that the kidnapper from Oliver and Company might be living in my attic, because my brothers told me he was hiding out there when I was three. But as we get older, we learn important things like “Disney villains don’t exist in real life” and “you won’t explode if you drink diet coke and Mentos.” Suddenly we find ourselves at Kenyon, and it’s time to apply all those lessons. Here are some words of wisdom that these Kenyon students have gathered over the years:

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My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story Vol. III


Rachel Spraos ’14 and Michael Kengmana ’14 were in elementary school once, too.

In a lot of ways, elementary school isn’t so different from college. In my mind, I am still a kid running circles around potentially life-threatening 1990’s playground equipment until I pass out and come down from my Twinkie induced sugar-high. These journal entries show that Kenyon students were emotional little people in elementary school, very concerned about the future and everything that comes along with being a “teen” or grown-up.

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