Who Is Responsible for This?


Who is this “Scrocial Board” and why have they been distributing these helpful fun facts about Kenyon throughout Peirce? While we applaud helping first years get acquainted to Kenyon, we have a suspicion that a few of these “facts” may not be true. Is the Henry Moore sculpture in the Science Quad actually the seal to S. Georgia Nugent’s crypt? Was P.F. Kluge once a Filipino pirate? Should I really be collecting MIddle Path pebbles to win a free T-shirt?

But actually, the last fact hits kind of close to home. Too real, guys.

What is the Meaning of This? Vol. IV

The dog-on-dog print that briefly adorned Peirce’s front doors has switched locations. Now it’s pasted up under a bookshelf in Sunset Cottage — that is, if it is in fact the same print, or just an eerily similar copycat. Where in the world will it go next? Paris? Dubai? The weird tiny bathroom in Gund Computer Lab? We’ll keep you posted as this breaking story develops.

Drilling Rig Appears Near KAC

Some sort of drilling rig is currently active across Route 229, near the intersection with Duff Street. As of 11:15 p.m. Monday, the lights were on and loud mechanical noises were coming from the site. Workmen could be seen on the rig, and a sign by the road reads “Kilbarger Drilling Rig #1.” We do not yet know who owns the field where the rig is located or if Kenyon has any stake in the land, but the staffs of The Thrill and the Collegian will be investigating further.

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What is the Meaning of This? Vol. II

There’s a brand-new trend sweeping our campus — impermanent, printed-out, non-rebellious graffiti. Small-scale art installation? Commentary on modern society? Just random images? Who can say?

This latest addition in the 7th-floor Caples stairwell embodies a pretty good attitude toward life — may we all be as chill and as flexible as this lady.

Still, the question remains: who’s responsible for this?