Opinion: Songs That Reference “Murder, She Wrote” Shouldn’t Need Trigger Warnings

Is it a mystery, or have we already solved it?

It’s like they never even watched it.

Trigger warning: discussion of violence against women. This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

Murder, She Wrote is one of my favorite shows. I love it. Mystery shows are my jam in general, but Murder, She Wrote just delivers on such a consistent basis. At least, it has so far. I’m almost to season five. It’s campy and predictable, but every episode feels satisfying, even when, or actually, especially when the solution is just goofy, like that time the killer was a trained dog pressing a button in the security room, causing a gate to run over the heiress as she was trying to get back into the mansion. Classic.
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10 o’clock list: 10 More Entertaining Searches That Led to The Thrill

Just imagine that it's Zoe Kontes, perverted Google searchers!

Just imagine that it’s Zoe Kontes, perverted Google searchers!

Long, long ago, before I was even a student at this esteemed establishment of higher academic learning, The Thrill posted this 10 o’clock list outlining several entertaining terms that people searched on Google that led them to this esteemed blog of journalistic integrity. But since then, we’ve expanded in readership, article topics and staff, leading to all sorts of new, varied and strange searches that have brought people here. And now, I’m here to share some of the best with you.

1. “jesus gets fucked” We’ve written about erotica, but usually when it comes to Jesus, we take a much more consensual stance.

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