The Cove’s All-You-Can-Eat-Fish: A Mystery Unveiled Through Photographs


I know what you’re thinking, dear reader, it need not be said. I, too, have sat on my easy chair, legs extended onto the plump ottoman, and thought to myself, “I love Cove fish, but there’s never enough of it.” Let me tell you, there’s a way to get your fill. Oh yes there is.

My journey began three years ago. As a young pup with bright eyes and eager salivary glands, I was brought to Our Noble Grill by one of my elder fraternity brothers. We proceeded to eat a glut of rich, luscious spaghetti that would put your Nonna Lucia’s to shame (she does make a lovely agnolotti though. Admittedly, I’ve enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon in her home, savoring it). That day marked my introduction to the Cove specials, a veritable bounty of sumptuous value. That dainty Wednesday treat whetted my appetite. But after examining their offerings, the object of my affection shifted to the elusive Friday night Fish Fry. I finally satisfied my lust this past Friday. Come see what it held in store..

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SHOCKING: We Found D-Cat’s House

photo 2 (4) One of the things that was important to me during my tenure as Editor in Chief was to get to the bottom of one of Kenyon’s biggest mysteries: where does D-Cat live? One minute I see him on campus, the next I don’t. Wtf. All semester, we’ve been working tirelessly, taking turns to trail him, his kids, his dogs, in order to get some kind of inkling of where exactly he goes at the end of the day. It’s been a long process, but it wasn’t in vain. I’m pleased to present this scoop to the campus community: D-Cat lives in… Continue reading

Mystery Bites Remains… a Mystery



As you may be aware, rumors of a new student-run service were circulating in early August. Namely, an organization called “Mystery Bites,” whose purported modus operandi is food delivery anywhere on campus… in disguise. Combine that with extreme secrecy and an enigmatic social media presence and I’d say we have a mystery, all right.

And this mystery … BITES.

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What Is This Building?

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After a short walk around the Kenyon campus, anybody could tell that there are all kinds of different and mysterious buildings around here. Especially as a First Year, there are some buildings that are a complete mystery to me. And don’t lie to yourselves, upperclassmen. You could still find yourself standing in front of an unmarked building, befuddled and trying to recall what exactly this strange edifice could be for. Continue reading