Kenyon Mythbusters: AVI Levels

Does not look like jail to me (via

Does not look like jail to me (via

Welcome to another thrilling edition of the Kenyon Mythbusters. In case you’re a first-year or have simply not been paying attention, the Kenyon Mythbusters take the rumors we’ve heard around campus and see whether or not they’re legit.

  • Today’s Myth: AVI has levels of service from 1-5. 1 being prison food, 5 being gourmet and Kenyon ranking at 2. Continue reading

Kenyon Myth[Ghost]busters: SMather Tower Graffiti Ghost

image (10)

Graffiti-armed ghost haunts Sam Mather.

Gather round, boys and girls, for a terrible tale of disrespect and vandalism. That’s right. There is a graffiti-grafting ghost up in our beloved Samuel Mather Hall. We went exploring, and these are just some of the heinous crimes we found.

This special report is brought to you by your faithful and courageous guides, Jack Quigley ’16 and Anna Coppelman ’16. As always, we take suggestions for myths to bust, so give us some.

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Kenyon Mythbusters (sorta): The Ascension Steps

It may be beautiful from above, but don’t let Ascension deceive you… (via

Aaaannnnddddd we’re back! Your fearless hosts Jack and Anna are here to present another great Kenyon myth. This week’s myth comes from one of the ever-flawless Thrill commenters. It’s about those steps outside Ascension. You know the ones: the awkward, too-large-but-not-large-enough steps that cause people to look like they’re trying to conquer the Great Wall. Rumor has it that the steps were designed to be easier to climb for women than for men.
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Kenyon Mythbusters: Peirce’s Doors

Peirce doors (pre-renovation) via

In this relatively new feature, we will venture where no Kenyon kids have gone before. Anna Coppelman ‘16 and Jack Quigley ‘16, your adventurous and courageous hosts, will dive into the deepest depths of conspiracy, mystery and secrecy.

This week: The doors to the main entrance of Peirce.

It’s no myth that the doors to Peirce have had their fair share of problems over the past few weeks, but nobody seems to know exactly why or when they will be fixed. We’re here to sort out the various reasons as to why the doors no longer open automatically, and why maintenance hasn’t gotten around to fixing them yet. Jack and Anna to the rescue.  Continue reading