Want to Fall In Love? Be a Part of This Please.

Airbud 5: How to fall in love in four minutes

Have you heard about this study by Arthur Aron? Everyone’s pooping their pants about it. Basically there’s a series of 36 questions that you can trade back and forth between yourself and another person, then stare into their eyes for four minutes and BOOM you’re in love. Fun huh? Don’t you kind of want to give it a try?

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Spring Breakers: Kenyon Edition

This is the American dream y’all. I got five tables at Peirce. I got five cases of Apple Cider and no one’s gonna stop me tonight. I got Beyonce on repeat. REPEAT! I got Bean Boots in every color! LOOK AT IT. I GOT MASON JARS

“This is the American dream y’all. I got five tables at Peirce. I got five cases of Apple Cider. I got Beyonce on repeat. REPEAT! LOOK AT ALL OF IT. I GOT MASON JARS”

It’s finally here. Spring Break. You rush out of your last class of the day and expect Kenyon to suddenly turn into Spring Breakers: Kenyon Edition. Instead,  as you walk down middle path, you start to realize everyone has suitcases.  Swarms of students pile into shuttles. The campus goes silent.  Perturbed, you start to wonder if there’s a huge event you to which you haven’t been invited. Feeling sorry for yourself, you head to Peirce. At Peirce there is a hushed silence, and as you easily and triumphantly claim a table on New Side at 6 p.m. you realize where everyone has gone:  they’re eating at an airport or enjoying a home cooked meal at the kitchen table. As you look down at your fifth bowl of chicken and rice this week, you daydream of what fun you might be able to have on this now empty campus:

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“I Had Just Taken Pictures, Naked, In a Forest”

The Thrill is proud to spotlight an original personal essay courtesy of one of our daily editors, Kate Lindsay ’15.

Ah, nature. The perfect place for some nice, relaxing nude photography.

If you had asked me on my first day at Kenyon what things I thought I would be doing during my time here, taking naked pictures of myself in the woods would not have been high on the list. I was a reluctant introvert, someone who wanted to have stories to tell, but couldn’t bring herself to say yes. Which is why I promised myself that at college it was going to be different. I was going to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. There is no better place to do this than at Kenyon.

As a part of my new can-do attitude, this semester I signed up for my first ever art class, Digital Imaging. I figured I would take it, squeeze out a bit of creativity I didn’t know I had, learn from it, and move on. But as it turned out, I really struggled with my first assignment. I just couldn’t see things the way the other art students could. Every time I tried something, it felt constrained, and this was reflected in my grades.

Our current project is based on magic realism. I had the idea to play with visually representing insecurities, and wanted to have my friends pose, and then make it look as if their diary entries were written on their skin. When I pitched this idea to my professor, she told me she had another thought. What if it was just me, just my diary entry, on my naked skin? I paused.

Did she really think it was necessary for me to be naked?

She did.

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