Adventures in Name-Changing


i am so good at photoshoppe !!!!!!

Disclaimer: this article assumes some baseline knowledge about trans/genderqueer… stuff. Check out any of the Thrill’s Queer 101 articles if you’re confused.

Hi, Kenyon! My name is Cat March. Did you hear me? No? Then I will say it louder. MY NAME! IS CAT! MARCH! I’m a sophomore English major from Providence, Rhode Island. I’m also genderqueer and have recently started the process of changing my name. Initially, I was going to structure this post like a Queer 101 article, but then I realized it was turning into a personal narrative. I’m beginning to take the first steps in my journey to becoming The Person I Want To Be™ and I’ve always found it therapeutic to scream my experiences into the void, so here we are! My adventures in name-changing! Thanks for bearing with me and I hope this is at least slightly informative for people with questions about gender.

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