Queer 101: TV Show Recs


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Despite El Niño’s best efforts, February is about to get really cold. This means you’ll need to find something to do while you’re shivering beneath approximately 92340283 blankets. I would neveencourage you to shirk your scholarly duties in favor of binge-watching whatever you can find on Netflix. However, I am willing to offer you a short list of TV shows that include or are about queer characters. That way, your marathoning will be more focused and you can get back to your homework relatively quickly (right after you finish this one episode … and then the next one …  and then one more … February is sad. We need television). Enjoy!

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Netflix Recommendations 4 U


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we know you want to

Winter break was a time for family, the benevolent spirit of Old Saint Nicholas, and television. If you didn’t watch at least one television series for an unsettling yet impressive number of hours, then get out. (also please contact me and explain how you got your life together asap) For the rest of us who are arriving back to Kenyon with a few shows under our belts, let’s keep that binge-watching momentum alive with some new recommendations for your peepers to enjoy!

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We Watched Every Episode of Gilmore Girls This Weekend So You Didn’t Have To

This post was authored by Kate Lindsay ’15 and Maureen Hoff ’15. They are both tired and sad for different reasons. We’ll be continuing this Netflix binge-watching/live-blogging series with two more of the Thrill’s tired, sad staffers in the near future — leave your suggestions for our next show in the comments!

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Okay. I know the moment the clock turned October 1st and Gilmore Girls came on Netflix, you were all like “I know what I’m doing this weekend!” and then moments later were like “That’s impossible! I have so many parties to go to!”

You’re in luck, because we didn’t. While you were all out stashing your bashes, we were in Maureen’s New Apt doing the Lord’s work. And now we’re here to catch you up on what you missed.

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How to Netflix Your Way Through Finals


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If you’re like me, your fried study-brain cannot get enough of your parents’ Netflix account. Endless episodes of 30 Rock? Three seasons of Bob’s BurgersBut I’m a Cheerleader? Who could ask for more? But if your finals week guilt is starting to catch up to you, watching television in bed while eating strange snacks and ignoring the paper for English class you’re supposed to turn in tomorrow at 4 p.m. (I mean, hypothetically speaking) can be a dangerous game. To try to eliminate that growing pit of despair that has taken ahold of my guilty heart, I decided to find some Netflix selections that are finals week-relevant. Who says studying can only come from books and academic journals? Television can be just as educational!

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