DIY: Turn your New Apt into a Cottagecore Dreamhouse (With Pictures!)

DIY: Turn your New Apt into a Cottagecore Dreamhouse (With Pictures!)

The New Apts are by far the most cottagecore-friendly housing option at Kenyon, Farm included. My own time in the F-block can only be described as idyllic. I had 43 potted plants growing in my single. I kept a chicken coop behind the tennis courts. I was paying a Wiggin Street third grader to look after them over spring break. Alas, when I returned a month later to pack my belongings, all my plants were dead, and my chickens were nowhere to be found.

If you are lucky enough to live in the New Apts this year, you must seize the opportunity to create your own cottagecore paradise. And if you see any stray chickens (four hens, one rooster, and hopefully some chicks by now) please let me know.

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The New Apts Are A 1970s Olympic Village

Sochi's mountain Olympic Village. (via NBC San Diego)

Sochi’s mountain Olympic Village. (via NBC San Diego)

It is Kenyon’s most denied myth that the New Apartments were built to be temporary housing. Students say they were. The College — probably telling some form of the truth and certainly keeping one eye on the potential liability — says they weren’t. Whatever.

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The Weekend Recap: A GIF Extravaganza

we'll go somewhere gif

The first post-break weekend is about to come to a close, ending syllabus week and throwing spring semester into full swing. Whether or not your post-weekend self is ready for action or not is likely a different story. If the past few days have been a bit of a haze, don’t worry, we’re here to fill in the blanks.

When the acceptable hour for drinking rolls around. Bitch can’t stop me now…

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