New England Grunge: Finals Push

For many of you, it is quickly becoming apparent that finals are right around the proverbial corner.  For the rest of you, consider this your fair warning.  A year ago, I was totally stressing out about the first finals round of my college career.  This, I thought, would be it. The jig would be up. I would be discovered for the fraud I was.  Game over. I’ve skated by for 19 years and finally people would figure it out: I am not ‘college material.’ Well, boy, did I prove them wrong … just kidding, I skated by for another whole year.  Lucky for you all, I am bringing my personal touch to finals week with my favorite thing: free bookstore coffee music (duh, it’s a music column).  My personal savior, the auditory bliss that is the music that fuels finals success … a play in three acts.

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New England Grunge: Seeing/Knowing

This past weekend, some friends and I decided we needed to get off-campus for at least a little while.  This plan turned into a full fledged hipster-hajj to New York City to see Jeff Mangum, the storied lead guitarist for Neutral Milk Hotel, play in Jersey City.  Where would a couple of broke college students stay in New York, though, some might ask? Well, thanks to The Thrill and my budding friendship with Thrill Editor David McCabe ’14, we had a place to stay. Staying at a person’s house is an intimate experience that sheds light on the person’s character as well as the environment that shaped him.  To peek into someone else’s life can feel invasive sometimes, and thus we often tread lightly.  But for the sake of public interest, I now present you with a look into the mind of the man behind the beloved Thrill.

I present:

Seeing/Knowing: David McCabe (Annotated)

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New England Grunge: Nostalgia-Bombs

Frances Sutton cowrote this post with S. Ryan Kaye.

Hey, y’all — remember middle school? I sure as hell do; that was the peak of my popularity … my glory days, if you will.  I ran Charles E. Brown Middle School (yes, I know, Charlie Brown — got it, heard it, shut up).  This week, my comrade Frances Sutton (the Suttonator) and I will bring you the top songs you will be nostalgic for in 10 years but you don’t currently listen to because they’re not retro yet because you are a hipster douche, a.k.a. nostalgia-bomb songs.  In the interest of time, and interest, we will describe each song in 5 words.

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New England Grunge: Unknown Songs by Well Known Bands

Not sure where I am going to begin with this column. To be honest, I don’t even have a real focus. I just kind of mentioned the words ‘column’ and ‘music-y’ in the same sentence and bingo-bango, I have a column (what a shoddy operation they have here).

I think the way I’m going to work this is going to be lists…yes, lists.  I feel a little like Ren Stevens (now there’s a reference!) making all these lists.  As we at The Thrill have previously stated, however, we love lists: they are organizational, hierarchical and, might I add, way more aesthetically pleasing than flow charts (although one of these days a flow chart might be nice for this column).

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