Ryan Chapin Mach ’14 Releases New Single

Album art by Nicholas Nazmi

Gambier’s sleepy roads are a breeding ground for writers and musicians alike, even if they end up on the city streets of NYC. Ryan Mach’s new single “Pop Song” speaks of wandering the MoMa, but is the perfect soundtrack to wandering New Side the afternoon after Fandango. Its upbeat restlessness speaks to a senior who feels a little stuck in the in-between.

It’s a glimpse into the life of post-grad, which Mach illustrates as being a bit like the electric static of millennialism combined with the numbing buzz of a few too many drinks. However, if it allows him to write songs like this, then I think things are already looking up. Listen below!

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Transfer Stories: Maddy Popkin

We all love it here — right? — but sometimes you can’t help but wonder about the road not taken. Maddy Popkin, formerly ’14, took the plunge and left Gambier for New York City after her freshman year. You should do the same! Or maybe not. Your choice.

Maddy Popkin, where do you go to school currently?

I currently go to Barnard College.

Why did you transfer? Why did you leave us?

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Nugespotting: West 97th St. and Columbus Ave., New York, NY


Nuge and Mr. Nuge on the Upper West Side.

In response to last night’s 10 o’clock list, there has been a legitimate Nuge sighting in New York City by none other than our expert Weekendologist, Sydney J. Watnick.  In completely unforseen circumstances, Ms. Watnick has seen, and captured a photo of, none other than S. Georgia Nugent and her husband, Tom Scherer.  This writer could not be more shocked.  You heard it here first: SJW has won Thanksgiving Break. A Thanksgiving for the ages indeed.

Location: West 97th St. and Columbus Ave.