Kenyon Counterpoint: Kimbra vs. Lorde

So obviously New Zealand is killing the game right now. The past decade has seen a lot of kiwis hit the big time overseas (e.g. Gotye and Flight of the Conchords), but today the real battle has come down to Kimbra and Lorde. These two pop songstresses have both put out absolutely killer debut albums that each give them claim to the throne, but which one beats the other? There can, after all, only be one queen bee

Dan Rasch ‘14 and Broods Weinman ‘16 have taken sides on this most contentious of issues.  A coin was flipped, and Lorde was assigned to Rasch, Kimbra to Broods.  Read on and judge for yourself the victor…

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10 o’clock list: Stacks on Stacks; Lists on Lists

Ever since the SOPA/PIPA Blackout of 2012, I have had a greater appreciation for the wondrous source that is Wikipedia.  Be it a last-minute project or trying to seem smarter for that special someone, Wikipedia has always been there for us.  I also have tried to embrace the idea of ‘meta’ in my writing.  So without further ado, my top six lists from  Wikipedia’s “List of Lists of Lists.”

  1. Lists of British Inventions:  My favorite part of this list is the description which reads “The following is a list of inventions or discoveries generally believed to be British.”  So hey, they may not be British, but at least Wikipedia believes they might be.
  2. Lists of Scientists:  Ooh, organized by locations and type.  Type-A personalities FTW! Too bad it doesn’t include fictional scientists.  Better luck next time, Dr. Curt Connors.
  3. Lists of Things Named After Places: Who knew that New York-style bagels came from New York? You learn something new everyday!
  4. Lists of Zambia-Related Topics: No other countries got this treatment on the List of Lists of Lists. The only other related topics list is … Oregon. Conspiracy? I think so.
  5. Lists of New Zealanders:  This is perfect; I was looking to expand my knowledge on New Zealanders.  I was pretty sure it was uninhabited, besides these cute little guys.
  6. Lists of Most Expensive Items:  Now I know how to live well! Thanks, Steve Guttenberg.

Honorable Mention: Lists of Abbreviations

Maybe at the end of the year we will do a list of the best 10 o’clock lists … so meta.