How to Be a Person: Using the New Printers

Introducing your new best friend

For those of you who are not readers of student-infos or patrons of our fair library, Olin and Chalmers Library is now home to three new printers. That’s right, you read that correctly: shiny new printers that are easy to use and won’t jam are the way of the future at Kenyon. Currently the library is home to three test printers, one across from the Circ desk, one behind Helpline, and one on the third floor near the periodicals–but all the old Canon printers will be replaced by the new Ricoh models come this January.

While new technology can be exciting, it is also intimidating; read on for instructions for these new machines. Continue reading

Breaking(ish) News: New building access hours

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.01.31 PM

For those of you who missed the e-mail from Associate Provost Bradley Hartlaub, buildings equipped with card readers will now be locked and only accessible with K-Card starting at 5pm as opposed to 8pm. Hartlaub cited the need to “improve safety” in his e-mail as the reason for the change in building lockdown time. Students and faculty will continue to have open access to these buildings until midnight.

New Cereal Rack in Peirce



I would generally say that the servery has a slick, modern look to it. The racks gleam, the glass glitters, even the fake marble has a nice sheen. But today that changes, today Peirce went for the rustic look with a new wooden cereal rack. Perhaps this means they’ll be adding more cereals, perhaps the old one just broke, maybe they bought it from the Amish. Who knows why AVI does what it does? As long as they keep churning out food and being great people, we’ll indulge this break in the theme of the servery.