DCATYou voted and D-Cat came away the winner, after a few short weeks and hundreds of votes you have christened Sean M. Decatur and dubbed thee D-Cat.  While it may not be the official stance of the entire campus, it will be the official stance of this publication.  Expect posts like “D-Cat Spotting” and “Is This a Nude Painting of D-Cat? (Okay, Probably Not. But Maybe?).”  To be perfectly honest, I’m glad the Duge didn’t win, funny as it was, students memories of the Nuge will fade and she will become as foreign as calling Phil Jordan “PJ.”  If you are still interested, check out the final bracket, polling results after the jump.  I would be remiss if I didn’t include this too.

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DeCatur To Us: Don’t Forget To Send Us Your Presidential Nicknames

                                                                     That’s “President Decatur” 2 U.

March Madness is heating up, as is the demand for an official campus-wide nickname for our new and esteemed leader. Monikers like “The Nuge” don’t come around every day, and our new president isn’t going to nickname himself, so get on it and submit to the Thrill‘s bracket. The original email we listed, “”, was A) a joke and B) already taken (seriously, that’s somebody’s email already), so leave your submissions in the comments or send them to our actual email, Let the search begin.