Don’t be Stupid Cupid: Making the Most of Valentine’s Day Grams

nicolas cage valentine

Valentine’s Day can be rather mundane. Its like the bastard child of Christmas and New Year’s that Hallmark created to enhance your seasonal depression or strain your gift-giving genius. Great. It’s not even like you can just drink it away like St. Patrick’s Day. Can you give a love interest a Shamrock Shake? Ugh. So what makes it worthwhile? Well, not much– but perhaps the best part of Valentine’s Day is receiving Valentine’s grams. If you’re sick of those too, we’re here with some of the best unexpected editions to keep your V-day spicy. 

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10 o’clock(ish) list: Top 10 Most Memorable Nicolas Cage Movies

Actor Nicolas Cage gets a lot of crap for starring in basically any movie that will pay him, but he has had a pretty successful interesting career in Hollywood.

My hair is going to steal the Declaration of Independence

Here are Nick Cage’s top 10 most memorable movies in no particular order:

  1. Kick-Ass: Cage is in no way the star of this movie, but he definitely adds a lot to it in his role as “the nonconventional father,” Big Daddy. 
  2. City of Angels: Nick plays an angel who falls in love with Meg Ryan — ’90s Meg Ryan, not creepy “my-face-does-not-move” Meg Ryan. Also, so many depressing ’90s songs.
  3. Face/Off: Freaky movie.
  4. The Rock: This movie is really all about The Sean Connery, but a good role for Cage nonetheless.
  5. Raising Arizona: A classic movie from the Coen Brothers.
  6. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Just… why?
  7. Moonstruck: I don’t know who shouts more in this movie, Cher or Nick Cage. Probably Cher.
  8. Gone in 60 Seconds: Not as good as the original, but not bad.
  9. Ghost Rider: Apparently there is a sequel coming out in 2012. I have no idea why he did the first. Oh wait, they paid him lots of money.
  10. National Treasure: I love this movie. First one is fantastic. Second one was eh. There will be third coming out in 2014; I hope it isn’t a complete disaster.

Honorable Mention: Every other Nicolas Cage movie not mentioned above.