Founders of Nite Bites Café have proposed to sell it to the College

Nite Bites Café owner Sean Grant '14 in Peirce Pub (via the Nite Bites Café Facebook Page).

Nite Bites Café owner Sean Grant ’14 in Peirce Pub (via the Nite Bites Café Facebook Page).

This post was written by Collegian Editor-in-Chief Madeleine Thompson ’15.

The five owners and founders of Nite Bites Café, one of few late-night food options for students on campus, have proposed a plan to sell the company to Kenyon. Because they will all be graduating next week, Autumn Anderson ’14, William Friedlander ’14, Sean Grant ’14, Maureen Hirt ’14 and Justin Top ’14 drew up a business proposal that they have submitted to College administrators.

“Basically the idea is I’m leaving, [and] I want Nite Bites to continue on forever,” Grant said. “We want Nite Bites to continue doing things for the community that its been doing.”

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We here at The Thrill are all about the judgment of others (also, puns).  Life on the Hill has its ups and downs, so why not mark that with our newest weekly feature? Introducing: Uphill/DownhillAnd what better day to debut Uphill/Downhill than on Humpday?

Uphill: The opening of Nite Bites Cafe. This is going to totally revolutionize dining at Kenyon.  I mean, where else can I get at smoothie at 1:30 in the morning?  Hook me up with delivery and I’m sold. When I’m slaving away at the computer working on the Collegian at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the greasy quesadillas at the Cove don’t cut it. (Editor’s note: Mac and cheese wedges!)

Downhill: The last day of Last Call Food Cart was this past weekend.  When Nite Bites isn’t open and I want to grab myself a Nuge, there’s nothing I can do.  Then again, with the imminent blistering cold snap, I don’t think I’m going to want to go outside for anything.  I may have to resort to drinking myself into a stupor in a dorm room rather than at an Old Kenyon basement party.