President Nugent talked up higher ed’s financial woes on NPR this morning

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

You may have heard the Nuge on NPR today.

For Kenyon, the discussion on economic inequality didn’t end after CSAD. Just today former President S. Georgia Nugent went on NPR’s “Morning Edition” for a segment called “When Money Trumps Need In College Admissions.” The 7 1/2-minute interview is worth a full listen, but check out highlights after the jump.

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Do it tonight: Joan Soriano Concert for Hispanic Heritage Month

joan soriano

Joan Soriano will play tonight in Pierce Pub

Starting at 8PM tonight, Peirce Pub will feature Joan Soriano, a renowned bachata musician who has received acclaim from The New York Times, NPR and International Public Radio. His band, La Familia Soriano, and his music are a celebration of both the origins of bachata music and his upbringing. Don’t miss this chance to get your groove on in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

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NPR Reviews “Liberal Arts”

Image via IFC Films

Mark Jenkins, a movie reviewer for the media outlet targeted at homosexuals who appreciate vintage shaving brushes (NPR)reviewed the dull, saccharine movie targeted at Kenyon students who appreciate writing poetry under the Upside Down Tree (Liberal Arts). He thinks the film is extremely mediocre and self-indulgent.


“If Jesse and Zibby’s conversations are mildly painful, they’re a delight compared to their correspondence.”

“Most of the time, though, Radnor seems pretty impressed with the version of himself he’s playing.”

Interestingly, Jenkins also refers twice to the movie actually taking place at Kenyon, even though it technically isn’t set at any specific institution. Read the rest of the review here.