’Twas the night before Sendoff, when all through the Hill…


“Lindsay, tell your brother what a beautiful body he has.” (via youtube.com)

As The Thrill’s profoundly unofficial nudity correspondent, I bring you this semi-breaking report — at approximately 10:36 p.m., I encountered a flock of streakers running through the new loop of the NCAs. I have also seen several tweets and status updates alleging some students running around naked in Olin, including one possibly wearing a rubber horse mask.

Is Kenyon’s clothed (ahem) streak finally over? Your move, Wesleyan.

(Not So) Barenaked (Lords and) Ladies

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Wait, did Lena Dunham go to Oberlin? (via thesun.co.uk)

Last spring, I visited some friends at Wesleyan University — you know, the school we all got rejected ED1 from — and was at a place called Earth House when I walked into a room full of around 20 people, totally nude, eating cake. They were like, “Yeah, it’s our friend’s birthday, take some cake.” While naked parties are a Wesleyan stereotype, social/public nudity and liberal arts colleges seem to go hand-in-“I was the alt kid in high school”-hand.

All fratty penalty “naked laps” aside, for a school that is (as we hate-love to point out) in the middle of nowhere, we sure spend a lot of time clothed in public. Even the de facto dress code for last weekend’s Shock Your Mom (SYM) was “like, as close to naked as possible” — but not entirely so. The vibe I’ve heard seems to be that full-on nudity crosses from “hip” over to “crunchy,” which Kenyon is decidedly not. So, I couldn’t help but wonder — when it comes to public decency, is Kenyon a bit more conservative than we think we are? As a campus, are we sort of weird about nudity? Continue reading

10 o’clock List: Bands That Should’ve Been Chosen For Sendoff


I’m not going to lie, I’m ecstatic about Sleigh Bells playing Sendoff. I think it’s an excellent choice, and there’s no doubt the band will put on a great show. That being said, I can’t help but feel that the Social Board missed an opportunity to pick a more Kenyon-esque act. Someone quirky, someone weird. Below are a few bands that I think would’ve been a better fit, or, at the very least, more interesting.

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