xWhatever: Figuring out Phone Extensions

Just be glad we’ve moved on from this!

We’ve all seen it, “Contact The Registrar, call x5121” or “Call Helpline! x5700” But what do these mysterious Xs in front of the numbers mean? How come when I dial that number I get nothing? I thought my iPhone was supposed to make my life easier, damnit, Siri, SIRI! Woah! Calm down, don’t worry, we at The Thrill have got you covered on these mysterious things called “phone extensions.” Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Songs with Numbers

It feels like it’s about time for a playlist with a theme. It is the fall semester of my senior year, and I am taking my first math class of my college career, so numbers seemed like an appropriate topic. With no registered parties this weekend because of Take Back the Night, why not delve into a little math music?

10lb. Moustache – Man Man

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