Totally Legit OCS Application Tips

"Not all that glitters is gold. Not all who wander are lost." --Abe Lincoln (via

“Not all that glitters is gold. Not all who wander are lost.” –Abe Lincoln (via

Hey sophomores, I see that you’ve all missed Tuesday’s OCS Application meeting. No worries friends! I was there and am ready to coach you through the incredibly easy, thoughtless process of writing an Off-Campus Study application, question by question.

Question One: OCS Goals

  • Make sure to impress the committee with your wanderlust. You’ve reblogged a lot of graphics on Tumblr using the word. It’s time to show of your vocabulary and your love of  travel! And hostels! (With showers and no creeps.) Continue reading

“Advice” for Women Traveling Abroad

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This post has been edited since it was published. We apologize for any confusion.

At today’s OCS meeting for sophomore’s going abroad, OCS distributed packets that held not only a shit ton of forms that have to be filled out, but also a general advice packet that was written by students. Within this packet, they have a section called “Advice for Women Traveling Abroad.” Whatever, cool, great. But then you start reading.

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