10 o’clock List: Kenyon Specfic Life Hacks

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Three years into the school year and you think you’ve got it all figured out… there’s a seating chart to Old Side and Peirce at noon is a lot like hell on earth – what more is there to know? Lots. There is much wisdom that hath yet to be imparted unto you. #yourewelcome.

1. Keep yourself preoccupied so as to not think about the inevitability of a slow descent into atrophy. The universe is unwinding, your cells vibrating at a speed you cannot comprehend; the night calls you to sleep but you do not have to listen. Keep your eyes open, keep your mind busy, you do not have to succumb, not yet. Continue reading

10 o’clock List: 5 Proven Tips for Improved Finals Prowess


Oh Finals, they’re the worst right? I hate them a lot, and also hate this time of year. You do too? I thought you would. Sometimes don’t you just feel like your performance is all up to chance and the whims of the School Matron? Me too. However, I’ve compiled a list of “life hacks” that just might help. They’ve proven fruitful for some of your peers. Why not you too?

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How to Be a Person: Getting into the Classes You Want


The sky is darkening. Rain drops that may soon turn into snow drops are pouring down on us from the sky and second semester registration time is upon us. While some may see this as a cause of stress and/or befuddlement, I see this as a time of immense excitement. It’s like that time in middle school right before school started when your parents took you to Staples and you got to run through every aisle grabbing color coded folders and pens and stickers… the pure magic of possibility. We can have all of that magical possibility once again! It is all within our reach. But wait, you unfortunately ended up in an 8:10 lecture style class on the ins and outs of accounting. Everything is ruined now. Don’t let this happen to you! You can absolutely get into all of the classes that you want*, just follow these simple steps. Continue reading

Uphill/Downhill: Office Hours and the End

Here we are, last week of classes…

Uphill: Office Hours — I was going to go with Friday Night Blow-Out, but what I am really thankful for is that we still have these into the last week of the semester. This is the time to walk into your professors’ offices and casually tell them you have no idea what the hell you are doing and that you are screwed for the final. It’s ok though, they are there to help. Just try not to disappoint them too much.

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