Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown Welcome You to the 2014 CSAD Conference

This year’s 2014 CSAD Conference is on the topic of economic inequality. In partnership with the Center for the Study of American Democracy, we have the pleasure of opening the conference with introductions from Senators Sherrod Brown (D) and Robert Portman (R) of Ohio. Both have agreed to film introductions to the conference to share their feelings on the topic of economic inequality. Both have worked on legislation that work to solve the problem of economic inequality. Portman is currently a co-sponsor of the “Careers Through Responsive, Efficient, and Effective Retraining (CAREER) Act” along with Senator Michael Bennet, while Brown is a co-sponsor of the “Fair Minimum Wage Act.” For more info on the CSAD conference check out our preview.

Columbus Is the Place to Live After Graduation, Not New York or DC

This could be you, lining up for pizza with a dozen of your closest friends.

This could be you, lining up for pizza with a dozen of your closest friends.

Admit it: you’ve thought a lot about where you want to live once you’ve graduated from Kenyon. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of life as a Brooklyn hipster or a Hill staffer.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but New York City is expensive. So while I’m not telling you not to pursue your dreams of stardom, consider the following: Columbus is the place to be if you’re broke, young and single (or any combination of these qualities).

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10 o’clock list: Things People Are Totally Doing This Summer

An accurate new cover for Infinite Jest

The end of the academic year is upon us, and, much like at the end of the calendar year, many Kenyonites are making resolutions to totally do stuff this summer. You know, just, like, living up the summer, making the most of it, man. Because you only get so many summers before you don’t get a break anymore, and the only thing you’ll totally be doing is getting those TPS Reports to Lumbergh (Just kidding, we all know Kenyon students don’t get desk jobs. Talk around the water cooler doesn’t focus on the merits of Tocqueville in today’s American landscape). Anyway, these are some things that’ll totally be done by your classmates while you’re sitting at home watching the new Arrested Development episodes.

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Prof. John Elliott Quoted in U.S. News and World Report

This man is literally a caricature of himself. (Screenshot from

As Mitt Romney continues to battle implausibly-popular candidate Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination, U.S. News and World Report has called in Kenyon’s own Professor of Political Science John Elliott to comment on the fight for Ohio.

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Weekend Getaway: Canton, Ohio

The city that never sleeps...except not really. (via Wikimedia Commons)

When my fearless colleagues David McCabe and Nina Zimmerman accompanied me to Canton last week to cover the NCAC Championship Swim Meet, we made sure to have a little fun along the way. In fact, Canton can be a great place for a day trip: after the jump, check out some of our favorite places to visit in Ohio’s eighth-largest city.*

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Occupy Cincinnati protesters arrested overnight

(David Sorcher for The Enquirer)

Meanwhile, in the rest of Ohio…

Cincinnati police arrested 23 protesters at Piatt Park when the protesters refused to leave, reports. They chose to be arrested instead of leaving the park, where this branch of the worldwide Occupy protests has been taking place for almost two weeks. Sonnet Gabbard, serving as a spokesperson for the group, said they were not done, however.

“I hope the occupation never ends, whether that means in a physical space or if it just continues to occupy the common dialogue,” Gabbard said. She said the group is tired of corporations having power over the American government and their right to freedom of speech and right to peacefully assemble.

There are plans to hold a march to Fountain Square at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, it seems. The police are remaining quiet about what their reaction to such a move might be. More information at the source above.