Do It This Weekend: Ohiolina

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Did someone say…white people in Indian headdresses doing stimulants in the California desert? You mean… Coachella? Not quite! We’re talking about Ohiolina, the local music festival that’s happening this weekend at Ariel Foundation Park presumably featuring less cultural appropriation and recreational drug use. I went my freshman year and had a bomb pulled pork sandwich and jammed out to some banjo bops.

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Bands That We’re Excited to See at Ohiolina


Ohiolina promises to produce an exciting lineup of bands this Saturday. From folk bands to mountain music, here are a few of the bands we’re most excited about. Disclaimer: we know very little about the bands themselves, but we feel pretty confident that if we like their names, we’ll like their music. Pretty confident.  Continue reading

Ohiolina: Did You Know This Was a Thing


looks like so much fun

There’s this thing happening near us, and we just don’t talk about it enough. Ohiolina is a celebration of the music and culture rooted in the I-77 corridor from Ohio to North Carolina—two states with similar histories and each with unique contributions to the arts. It’s a fun music festival with food and proceeds that help the local community.

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