The Monday Catchup

An investigator searches through the rubble of the Germanwings flight (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The lead story: After the crash of a Germanwings flight last week, that appears to have been intentionally caused by one of the pilots, rescue workers continue to search through the wreckage for remains as German and French investigators look through the past of the man responsible for the crash. The pilot at the helm, Andrea Lubitz, appears to have a history of depression, other theories abound including one about his vision and another stemming from his relationship with his girlfriend. His motives remain unclear.

Coming up: the Final Four advance, ex-HP CEO considers 2016 run, oil drops again, French elections, and more

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The Monday Catchup

Houthi rebels (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while enjoying the beginning of spring this past weekend:

The lead story: A civil war may erupt in Yemen as Houthi rebels seize an airport. The rebels are Shiite Muslims in a predominately Sunni country and have been responsible for fomenting violence in the country, including helping to remove the Yemeni president from office in January. The United Nations Security Council has backed President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi though it warns of civil war. There are also concerns that al-Qaeda or ISIS may take advantage of the situation. The U.S. removed its troops from the country over the weekend.

Coming up: Starbucks and race, a state funeral for Richard III, oil prices, and developments in Ukraine.

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The Monday Catch Up

The Legend of Jeremy Lin grows* (via Wikimedia Commons)

Oh hai, readers. We almost didn’t see you there, freaking out over your midterms and mounting your last-ditch efforts to get laid. Also, note to self: The Thrill is better than writing a sex joke with the word “mounting.” Our poor humor choices aside, here’s everything you need to go into Monday morning informed.

The lead story: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (Effete-SC) have put forth proposals that would create an alliance between Syrian rebels attempting to topple the regime of Pres. Bashar al-Assad and the United States.

Everything else:

A prison riot in Mexico has resulted in the deaths of 44 people.

Across the pond in London, Rupert Murdoch has announced that his Sun tabloid will start running a Sunday edition, aptly called the Sun on Sunday. It should pick up all the former readers of The News of the World, which Murdoch shuttered amidst allegations of journalistic malfeasance.

In response to economic sanctions, Iran has cut off oil shipments to Britain and France. We’re going to say it now — there is no way this ends well for anyone. Also in Europe, the Greek government is trying to assure EU finance ministers that it won’t squander the bailout it’s asked for.

*The legend of Jeremy Lin rolls on as Knicks topped the Mavs.  Meanwhile ESPN committed  a major gaffe leading to the firing of a staff writer and the suspension of a broadcaster.

The weather: It’s going to be really rainy after today, so take out the raincoat your prematurely put on mothballs after this weekend’s Spring-like weather. On the bright side, it will still be warm for at least part of the week.