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10 o’clock List: Suggestions of audio to have “accidentally” playing on your computer when you open it on third floor Olin.

Third floor Olin is a great place to hit the books. It’s warm, bright, and bone-chillingly silent. O’ the silence. While absolutely key to a focused study-sesh, the outer-space like absence of noise can be intimidating. So, naturally, one of the biggest and most universal fears at Kenyon is the possibility of accidentally blasting something on high volume from a

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Weekday Drink: A Grand Final(e)

It’s Tuesday of finals week and Club Olin is poppin’. What are you supposed to do when all the spots in Periodicals are taken (yes, even the middle seats that no one is supposed to use)? Drink, of course. But drinking during finals week is irresponsible, you cry, although you were probably already crying because of your workload, anyway. Whatever, loser.

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