Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated (again)


Here we are again with another addition of Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated! As finals hover over us like a dark cloud, we retreat into the nooks and crannies of the labyrinth that is Olin. However, be not afraid, because fun surprises can be found in this den of stress and anxiety! Yes, you guessed it, those fun surprises are the witty musings of our fellow students, the hidden gem of Kenyon: olin desk graffiti.  Continue reading

Senior Year: Spring Breakers


Spring breaaaak. It’s senior year and it’s the mother******* dream y’all. You got comps and two weeks in the town of Gambier and it’s time to bring in your last spring break Harmony Korine style!

You start your trip to another planet in your last class on Friday. You’re in an intro class your last semester because you totally live on the edge, and you sit in the back with your laptop open as you let the underclassmen battle to the death to argue the exact same answer to a question your professor asked. You roll your eyes and look over to your senior housemate and she is holding up paper saying “COMPS” with a drawing of a pencil on it. You get a little jitter in your stomach. This is real life y’all, this is the senior EXERCISE you’ve got eleven pages finished and you’ve still got sixty-nine to go! Class ends and you go up to your senior friend. You each give a nod. Spring Break has begun.

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10 o’clock List: Suggestions of audio to have “accidentally” playing on your computer when you open it on third floor Olin.

570157045-homework-campus-library-studying-learningThird floor Olin is a great place to hit the books. It’s warm, bright, and bone-chillingly silent. O’ the silence. While absolutely key to a focused study-sesh, the outer-space like absence of noise can be intimidating. So, naturally, one of the biggest and most universal fears at Kenyon is the possibility of accidentally blasting something on high volume from a digital device while sitting at the long tables on the third floor. Be it the youtube video you were watching last night, or that song you’ve been listening to on repeat, nothing is scarier than piercing the third floor silence, and being met with tens of heads whipping toward you in disgusted shock. But, we at The Thrill urge you to reclaim your embarrassment, and embrace all innaproopitate loudness. Here are some suggestions of blaring audio to have “accidentally” playing on your computer when you open it on third floor Olin, to make you look chill and unique.  Continue reading

Weekday Drink: A Grand Final(e)

It may look unassuming, but it packs a punch (via naturalhealthbalance.net)

It’s Tuesday of finals week and Club Olin is poppin’. What are you supposed to do when all the spots in Periodicals are taken (yes, even the middle seats that no one is supposed to use)? Drink, of course. But drinking during finals week is irresponsible, you cry, although you were probably already crying because of your workload, anyway. Whatever, loser. This drink is sure to get you feeling good. Continue reading

New Furniture in Olin: a Review

third floor

home sweet home (via kenyon.edu)

Hey! Hey you! Have you heard the news? Third floor Olin was recently treated to a bit of a pick-me-up. New furniture. New furniture everywhere! Truthfully, it’s really only new couch seating, but any sort of shake up in a place as drab and sad as Olin and Chalmers Libraries is much-appreciated, refreshing news. Today, we evaluate what makes and/or breaks the new additions.

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