Kenyon Doppelgängers: Sam Culbert ’19 and Nadine Hemming ’19

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.12.58 PM.png

!!! Two of them !!!

If you know Sam Culbert ’19, chances are you know Nadine Hemming ’19 as well, and if you know Nadine, you probably also know Sam. These two got acquainted during their first year at Kenyon, when everyone kept confusing them for each other. I definitely have come across Nadine in passing and thought to myself, “hey, look, it’s Sam,” before realizing that it was her doppelgänger instead. I had lots of fun asking them questions about their lives and I hope the rest of you enjoy reading them!

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Kenyon Siblings: The Baldassarres


J.T. and Marie feat. matching flannels

College marks a time in our lives when we’ve left the comfort of our familial homes to brave it by ourselves in the wilds of academia. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a spiritual guide through this process in the form of a sibling. This piece in the seventh in our series of sibling relationships here at Kenyon College. This week I cornered Marie Baldassarre ’17 and J.T. Baldassarre ’20 in Wiggin to talk about Kenyon, their relationship, and their worst fight.

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Arrested Development Planning a Fourth Season: Kenyon Students are Jazzed

Word got out from the New Yorker Festival that the cast of Arrested Development hopes to return for a fourth season and a movie!  (Woo Hoo! Spring Break!The news brightened many Kenyon students’ day:

The goal of the new season is to bring the audience up to speed on the lives of the nine characters since the last season, which ended in 2006. Show creator Mitch Hurtwitz hopes the season will allow the “movie screenplay [to] jump right in.”

Kenyon students had the following to say about this sensational news:


“I’m not sure how I feel about this. What if it’s bad? … Wait, it’s not gonna be bad; it’s gonna be amazing!”

“I really hope this isn’t just an illusion…”