On Topic, Off Topic: “Social” Semester

The social scene is looking pretty dead until April.

On Topic: Rush Week – If you didn’t know already, it’s rush week. For First Years who participate, this can be a very exciting (and sometimes nerve-wrecking) time . Even for those who don’t, it’s hard not to notice that this week is a busy one. With multiple rush events going on each day, The campus feels a little more hectic and happening than we’re used to, especially for the season. But, as many of us know, it will not last.

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On Topic, Off Topic: Back At It

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On Topic: “Syllabus Week – Though not as ritualized as it is at bigger schools, we are in the midst of our equivalent of syllabus week. We may not party as hard as this, but right now is likely the least amount of work you will have all semester (unless you are knee deep in comps). So enjoy it while it lasts before the darkness sets in. Welcome back, everybody.  Continue reading