10 o’clock List: Peirce Foods That Shouldn’t Be Juiced


So, you just went halfsies with your roommate on a used juicer from Goodwill. We’ve all been there. I bet you’re just itching to test out your new appliance on some fun new foods, but wait! I’m here to instruct you on the proper uses of your juice-o-matic through the fun and relatable medium of foods from Peirce Dining Hall. Continue reading

Inside The Artist’s Sketchbook: Cat Raynor ’15

This feature was conceived as a foray into the hearts/minds of Kenyon’s finest artists through the pages of their sketchbooks. This week, we talk with Cat Raynor, ’15.


The artist in her natural habitat.

I met Cat in the library, which was unusual, as I almost never seen her outside of Horvitz. I realized immediately that I had never seen Cat’s doodle style, so I asked her for a page from her notes. She handed me this:


“Unicorns are my go-to doodle, because unicorns are my spirit animal… I draw unicorns in all of my classes.”

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