A Formal Apology (We’re Super Serious About This We Promise)

So it’s come to my attention via this post that was posted at 4 p.m. today. Apparently freshmen are human beings who have feelings, and are very okay with publicly saying they were wronged. Who would have thought? Anyway, we’re sorry that we tied you up with rusty chains and made you sleep on a mattress in the middle of the Kokosing.

To be fair, I know you’re worried about getting Tetanus, if you’re up to date on your immunizations that shouldn’t be an issue. See folks, there’s an unlimited number of reasons to vaccinate your children.

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Email Bloopers: a Compilation


I am being very honest when I say this image gives me mild anxiety. (via http://www.123rf.com)

We’ve all been there — you’ve pressed send, the email goes out into the void, and you have a feeling something has gone desperately wrong. Here are some email nightmare stories from us, your favorite Thrill staff. Have an email story of your own to share? Post them in the comments!

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