Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: First Year Intros

Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: First Year Intros

Picture this: August, 2014, fresh from Outdoors Pre-O, but not yet through the weird-but-friendly social hellscape that is First Year Orientation. So many new people in a relatively new place. Just as David Foster Wallace once professed, “this is water” as a call to clarity in the face of oppressing banality, I was strikingly aware of the voice in the back of my head that said “these are going to be your friends for the next four years, make a good impression or be left by the wayside.” Continue reading

Where Was It Said: Orientation or in Bed?


this is what you get when you google “orientation”

Ah Orientation…long, belabored, and sticky–one of the most awkward weeks of our college careers. Let the record show that orientation is in no way…sexy. But still, we’ve noticed some shockingly coincidental euphemisms littered throughout conversations these past few weeks. That’s right….we’re bringing back one of our favorite games: where was it said– orientation or in bed? Continue reading

No Fear Gambier: Myths About Scary Upperclassmen, Busted

Via tumblr.

Well, today’s the day. The rest of campus moves in and first-year orientation comes to a close. For you lil’ fresh-babies, college continues to become a tangible reality and it’s overwhelming. How are you supposed to get comfortable in your new environment when there are swarms of cool and confident upperclassmen stomping around? Isn’t this their world and you’re just living in it? What is it that makes upperclassmen so scary? We’re here to bust some myths about your newfound community. Hopefully you can make yourself at home with a clearer mind. Continue reading

Kenyon Lingo: A Crash Course for First-Years

So, Class of 2019, you’re finally here! As upperclassmen start moving in, you might hear more and more nicknames and buzzwords being thrown around that are unfamiliar. But no one wants to be that first-year who has to ask, so you’ll probably smile knowingly and nod as if you’ve been to that place/met that person/done that thing millions of times. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ll never forget dragging my friend towards the Aclands one Friday night towards the beginning of my first year, happily yelling “Let’s go to New Apts!” But, not to worry, we here at The Thrill have your back. If you ever find yourself in one of those situations, check out this list and never confuse The Collegian and The Collegiate again!

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