Freshman 15: Places You Should Know (in Mount Vernon)

The Knox County Courthouse – not included in our list because we surely do hope you never have to go to this building (via

Welcome to Kenyon, First Years! Pretty soon you will be pulling into Gambier and ready to start the school year – but before you dive right into life as a Kenyon student, we’ve pulled together a list of businesses in Mount Vernon (our much larger neighbor to the West) that we think you should become familiar with. Check out the list after the break!

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The Hidden Secrets of Gambier


welcome welcome welcome welcome

Oh is it good to be back. For those who are returning for their second, third, or fourth (or let’s be honest maybe fifth) year, welcome back. For those who are entering their first year–WELCOME to this part of your life. You’re going to be thrown into hours and hours of orientation events–ice cream socials, panels, and my personal favorite: singing. Those first few weeks are a lot of information, so I’m here to give you more.

It’s no secret that Gambier is a small town. To the naked eye, the village has the bare necessities of food, drink, postage, and soap. But if you dig a little deeper into the resources of hill, you’ll find some pretty great treasures.

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Overheard at Orientation

Overheard at Orientation

Orientation is a week I’m sure we’d all rather forget–but just kidding I won’t let you! Here are some choice snippets from the past seven days, from both students and parents alike.

Super great and helpful mom in the Deli: “Jason? JASON? Come over here, I’m making friends for you!”

Super terrifying yet cavalier mom at Convocation: “When my daughter went away to college she would call me every Sunday night. Except one Sunday she didn’t call–she broke the routine. So I called the police and they found her in another girl’s dorm room, and they waited there until she called me.”

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Middle Path Voices: Sierra De Leon/Tim Jurney

The Thrill is proud to feature personal narratives courtesy of the Kenyon community. Today’s videos come to us via Middle Path Voices, a project initiated by Wanufi Teshome ’16, and featuring Sierra De Leon ’16 and Tim Jurney ’15. For more information, or if you’d like to be involved with Middle Path Voices Project, contact Wanufi at

Check out Middle Path Voices’ discussion with Tim Jurney ’15 after the jump!

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