10 o’clock list: Jobs the CDO Will Not Help You Find

Job is all like: “How does OTPHJ work if I don’t have pants?”

Hand jobs and the dude named Job in the bible. These are two types of jobs the CDO will never find you. But hey, one of them probably never existed. Which one very likely depends upon the quality of your sex life. Regardless, whether you’re graduating this year or just looking for some summer employment, you should expect that the CDO will not find you the following varieties of employment:

1. Sperm donor. With minimal degree requirements, applicants are merely expected to have a firm grip and quick hands for this entry-level job to go just swimmingly. Many recent grads have commented, “It semens to me that if this doesn’t scream ‘Symplicity’, I don’t know what the CDO is into these days.”  Continue reading

OTPHJ: Some of Us Know, Some of Us Don’t


Recently there has been an influx of these stickers in Gambier.  Where they are coming from, I’m not sure we will ever know–but one thing is for certain: they are everywhereAlso for those of you who are wondering OTPHJ stands for: Over The Pants Hand Job (and if it doesn’t, then my mind is dirtier than I previously thought). Photo credit goes to Caroline Shipman ’15; tip goes to Caroline Shipman ’15 and Michelle Picard ’15

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